The Bubble Game Matchup

We were invited by The Franchise Magazine to create an experimental poster for the Los Angeles Lakers vs. Houston Rockets game. This matchup is the fifth(Game 5) of the 2020 NBA "Bubble Games" West semifinals.

︎Design Solution
We played with the image by adopting some liquid color ramp effects, and also customized two super extended Chinese characters for the title, then mixed them all together to have the final layout. We try to make it look sharp, clean and tight.

Year: 2020
Art Direction: Jay Guan-Jie Peng
Graphic & Motion Design: Jay Guan-Jie Peng
Image: AP Photo / Michael Wyke via

This a personal and experimental design project which has No Commercial Value. It’s only for supporting the teams we love and also promoting the NBA bubble game matchup. If there’s any concern about the copyright please contact us asap, thanks.

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